5 Minute Bread

We need 'smellivision'.

Oh my!! I have just made my first loaf of bread and within minutes of removing it from the oven, I have cut a slice, smeared it in butter and devoured it. The recipe is a keeper because it took less than five minutes last night to prepare and once the oven was heated, another few minutes to prepare for baking. 

During the process, I took photos of most of the stages. My children were amazed at the difference in size from last night to this morning. To find the recipe, head over to Rhonda's blog Down to Earth: Five Minute Bread Whilst you are there, make sure you read through the comments on this recipe to gain knowledge of tips and tricks when baking this bread.

All ingredients mixed together. 

This was approx 90 minutes later. 

This morning. It certainly had grown!

A quick need and it is ready for the oven.
Preheated Dutch Oven in a VERY hot oven.

Time to start experimenting with different seeds, nuts, fruits and bread flours. I'm hooked!!!

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  1. Hi Vicky. The loaf looks really good. Well done. I agree with you about the commercial loaves. This is a quick healthy alternative.


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