Going Green - some store bought items I have swapped too

I have been recently been reading just how toxic our homes have become and that for many people in my generation, we are the first to be exposed to so many for our entire life. The worrying fact is, no one knows just what this is doing to us, inside and out, long term. Chemicals and the like are simply overloading our lives. 

My biggest fear is not for my Husband or myself, but for our precious children. Sure we take care of them by providing fundamental basics like healthy food and clean water, a roof over their heads, education, helping them lead physically active lives and by taking them to the GP when they are unwell but what about the chemicals and other toxins they are exposed too? What if we could prevent future diseases or health concerns by cleaning up their home environment? If (I pray this never happens) one of them developed a life threatening disease in 20 years time that I could have prevented now, I could possibly never forgive myself. 
With that in mind, I now consciously shop by looking for the most environmentally friendly products, items with minimum ingredients and Australian made as much as possible. Some items, I am planning on making myself (another post, another time) or going without completely. 

Like many of my readers, price is a factor that needs to be taken into account. I have recently changed the brand of washing up detergent I use and even though it is a bigger bottle, it has worked out cheaper. I don't use more because it is cheaper either. (When did elbow grease go out of fashion I wonder?)

Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid.
Plant based formula.
Made in Australia.
Other items have cost more (such as Ecostore laundry products compared to when I shopped at Aldi) but I make the big effort to measure out the amount recommended to be used correctly (I used to guesstimate!) and if possible, reduce the amount each time I use it until I find the perfect amount to use. Sometimes using a little less still works the same. After all, recommended amounts are ONLY a recommendation!

Ecostore Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid &
Laundry Soaker Stain Remover
Plant & Mineral based.
Made in NZ.
Last week I spent almost an hour at Woolworths browsing their shelves for Ecostore products and was very happy to find it covered most areas - skin care, hair care, laundry, kitchen. I also found alternatives should the need to buy them arises or they are price reduced. Ideally I would like to source recipes to make many of these products myself but it is something I don't want to rush in too for fear of wasting money on making rash decisions.

Icare Toilet Paper.
Endorsed by Planet Ark.
100% recycled.
4 rolls, 360 sheets, 3 ply,
Australian made & owned.
I don't think our grocery budget (which includes food and non food items) will be blown out as I have made big changes to what food I buy now and this has greatly reduced the weekly shop (another post, another time).

Ecostore Coconut Soap.
Made in NZ.
Priya Natural Macadamia Oil bar.
Made in Australia for local & imported ingredients.
I am happy with the changes I have made so far and talking with my children about why such changes have occurred makes for a great dinner time conversation. Sometimes I have even had the Ipad at the table with us so we can look things up. As their parent, it is my job to educate them now so later on they can make a better informed choice. Rick is onboard with these changes too although I think he is happy to sit at the 'kids table' and be educated by me rather than him being one of the educators. I don't mind at all, I like control. It is a Scorpio thing!

Until next time,