Kids in the Kitchen

Day one of NSW school holidays has been blessed with beautiful sunny weather. It is the perfect day for children to be out in the back yard playing. Oh to be school age again with school holidays. and no responsibilities! 

Last night I sat down and worked out a daily chore chart for the three of my children for the school holidays. I explained that Daddy has time off from work (Rick is a Tafe teacher) and they have time off from school and I felt it was only fair that I was allowed some time off as well. I also reminded them that we are a family and we help each other out. The look of dismay did not leave their little faces......
It isn't like that are not exposed to house chores because they have their fair share during term but with homework and sport commitments, I am limited in my expectations. 

Daily chores list stuck on the fridge

To their credit, they started their chores this morning without fuss. Hubby and I grabbed the chance to sit in our under utilised gazebo, chat and drink coffee. It was pleasant not having to talk in code language or keep quiet on some topics because of 'little ears'! 

Standing on a step stops the water running down to his elbows!

Clean table, chairs up and ready to sweep

Because our children are tomorrow's adults, someone's husband or wife, it is also important they learn domestic chores such as washing up by hand, sweeping, feeding pets etc We have a dishwasher and the two older children are already reasonably skilled in stacking the dishwasher. Time to wash up by hand and learn the correct order. I made up a list for the boys to refer to and have stuck it up near the kitchen sink. 

Washing Up check list

With the dishwasher not being used at the moment, I gave it a good clean out with vinegar and bicarbonate soda. I will let it air over night too.

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  1. Hi Vicki,

    I'm relieved to find I'm not the only mum who leaves detailed hand written instructions! LOL. I love that you are teaching your kids how to run a home, I suspect it is somewhat lacking in today's society. Enjoy your family time, lets hope the weather holds :)


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