It has been a cold and showery day here today and the perfect excuse for sweet pikelets for the kids afternoon tea. It has been a good six months since I last cooked up a batch. 


The recipe I followed is not the healthiest but it is yummy!!

BEAT: 2 eggs, pinch of salt, vanilla essence and 1/2 cup sugar.
ADD: 1 tablespoon syrup (I used 100% maple syrup), 1 1/2 cups SR flour.
Mix in until it is smooth.
Melt butter in frypan and pour in required amount depending on the size you want.
Flip once bubbles appear.
SERVE: drizzled over maple syrup or jam or a dollop of whipped cream or a spoon of vanilla ice cream. 

There has been a request by my daughter for them to be served again tomorrow afternoon. 

I was expecting the pest control to arrive after lunch today but with the rain, it wasn't the weather for hunting pesky brown ants. The office is going to reschedule for next week. Fingers crossed the rain eases for a day. We have tried a few DIY remedies but they just come in the house from a different location. They are driving me bonkers. 

It is the last week of Term 1 for NSW school children. Homework has been reduced for this week which is a relief for my children as it is for me. Rick is a Tafe teacher and he too will be on holidays. Two weeks of 'all things family'. I love school holidays, the slower mornings,catch ups with friends, movie nights, endless rounds of UNO and working through our never ending list of things to do around our home. My favourite part is seeing all of my loved ones relaxed and enjoying life. 

The wall clock has just struck 5pm so it is time to begin dinner. Rick is working late tonight so the children and I will enjoy Tacos for dinner. Once they're in bed, I will cook Rick's dinner for him - Curry Eggs with Rice. 

Take care,

Recipe source: Compiled by the P&F of Tuggerah Public School NSW 1984 pg 33