On the Menu, Learning to live the Cheapskate Way and being Environmentally Mindful

I am really enjoying this week's weather, low 20s and sunny throughout the day. If the weather could be like this all year long, I would be a very happy lady. 

The nights have cooled off but not enough for us to want to start lighting the fire. Unfortunately our youngest developed croup a few nights ago and so we have had to light the fire at night. It is nice though, just sitting on the couch with a nice cuppa. Blissful. The cat thinks so too. 😻

Anyway, I have planned our meals for the next fortnight. I have made sure the meals are simple so I can keep the costs down. I also shopped from the pantry as much as I could. I find this task tricky because I have a very small and basic pantry and until I went grocery shopping, I had not begun stockpiling.(Stockpiling is going to be a challenge due our lack of storage space)

On the Menu -

  • Monday Oven cooked fish with vegetables
  • Tuesday Slow Cooker: Creamy Chicken (see recipe below)
  • Wednesday Toasted sandwiches (ham or chicken)
  • Thursday Split chook and vegetables
  • Friday Oven cooked fish and vegetables
  • Saturday Homemade pizzas
  • Sunday Mother's day 🎕🎕

  • Monday Tuna Bake
  • Tuesday Sausages, handcut chips and vegetables
  • Wednesday Mufti-food night
  • Thursday Homemade rissoles, handcut chips and salad
  • Friday Mufti-food night
  • Saturday Lasagna, homemade garlic bread and salad
  • Sunday Mufti-food night (sports presentation for my daughter)

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken

1kg chicken thighs
1 can condensed chicken soup
2/3 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1/2 cup grated cheese
assorted vegetables - frozen


  1. Combine soup, sour cream, garlic and cheese in the slow cooker
  2. Add chicken and mix through, ensuring all the pieces are covered
  3. Place vegetables on top
  4. Cook for four hours on high or six hours or more on low
  5. Leave the lid on until ready to serve
  6. Mix vegetables through and serve over a bed of rice
This recipe is adapted from www.plattertalk.com

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken with rice

As I learn to live the Cheapskates way, I -

  • closed the blinds as the sun drops to keep in as much heat as possible
  • hung all the washing on the clothes line even on one evening it was lightly sprinkling!
  • made lunches every day for the children and Hubby,
  • poured the leftover water in the drink bottles on our strawberry plants,
  • persisted with turning lights off and kept only 2-3 lights on during the evening,
  • left the bathroom exhaust fan off as well as the heat lights
  • used Eco mode on my washing machine
  • gave the dog the water from boiled vegetables (when cooled)
  • only filled the kettle with enough water for my cup of tea instead of filling it up to the Max line
  • kept the fire off during the day and only lit it once the house was closed up for the night,
  • shopped around for two books by Cath Armstrong to find the cheapest price secondhand,
  • continue to wash up by hand,
  • my daughter only ate half her sandwich one day at school so I kept the leftover in the fridge overnight and made a half sandwich the next day to add to it, 
  • washed the dark clothes on the short wash to save on electricity,
  • bought four t-shirts at Suzanne Grae for a TOTAL of $20.00 cash,
  • bought three brand new long sleeve t-shirts at the local op shop plus a light weight woollen top (also brand new!) for a TOTAL of $10.00 cash.
  • Placed a blanket in the car for the children to use  after swimming lessons so I can keep the heater off to conserve fuel,
  • downloaded the NRMA app for free to see where the cheapest fuel is for our cars,
  • gratefully accepted leftovers from Mum which has been recess for the children three days this week,
  • took in two baskets of ironing. Half the money went into our money box and I have kept the other half in my wallet for milk and the school Mother's Day Stall,
  • Explained to the children that most clothes they wear during the week can be worn more than once,
  • moved some furniture around the house to let in more light from the west to warm the house,
  • began my stockpile of rice, coffee beans and ham,
  • used the small television instead of the big screen
Brand new tops from the local op shop

Great buys from Coles on rice, ham and coffee beans

I love these cooler bags

How I shop at Aldi!! :-)

I have been Environmentally Mindful by -
  • taking hessian bags with me to the supermarkets,
  • saying NO to dockets if not required,
  • using lunchboxes and drink bottles for my children's lunches and for Hubby's lunches
  • maked my own hand soap for the kitchen by recycling old bits of soap bars
  • taking the time when shopping to look for items in glass jars and bottles rather than plastic (BBQ sauce is a hard one!)
  • persisted in turning lights off....
  • donated plastic bags to the School Mother's Day stall for purchases
  • using the clothesline,
  • kept the heater off in the car to conserve fuel,
  • stopped buying paper serviettes,
  • shopped for clothes at the local op shop,
  • used a shorter wash for the dark clothes.
Until next time and
source: Google images

Vicky 🎕🎕