One step forward, three steps back and it's okay!

Hi folks!

Oh it has been a day but you know what, I achieved what needed to be done. At the end of the day, that is what matters. The other stuff will still be there tomorrow, it is not going anywhere.

I took the kids to school and forgot my thongs! I normally keep them in the car as I prefer to drive in bare feet. With a shrug of my shoulders, I explained to the kids I would cross them over the road but would not walk in to school with them. They were happy to help me out and happily walked off together. 
source: Pinterest

I popped back home to grab the forgotten thongs and loaded the washing machine.I continued on my journey to Aldi via an op shop. I strayed from my shopping list in Aldi. It happens and life, saving, budgeting and getting rid of our debts will continue.

I arrived back home and realised the butter I thought I saw in the fridge was actually cheese! Now, I could have made my own butter, but that wasn't going to happen today! So, I had to go back to the shop and purchase the required butter. Only after a nice fresh coffee and an email browse. 

I drove to Woolies and purchased the butter....a box of tissues and ice packs on sale! I don't think there is a huge need for lunch box ice packs in May so buying these saved me $2.00 later in the year.

On the way home I phoned a relative to wish her a belated Mother's Day. In the 90 minutes I was on the phone I drove home without causing any accidents, cleaned up my daughter's room and prepped for my baking session. 
Miss Tilly Devine our rescue kitty 💜
After my big phone conversation, I whipped up a big batch of cookies (more on that another day), brought in washing from yesterday, hung out the load from this morning and made a coffee and taste tested each cookie flavour! I didn't need to rush anything. I just took it all in my stride with the belief I would get done what needed to be done. I believed in myself.

I call today a successful day!! A few years ago, I would've been in a tizz over forgetting my thongs and had a complete meltdown over the butter situation and more than likely would have given up baking for the day. There are no winners in the "supermum" competition, only frazzled, tired, confused, cranky Mums. I am happy to run my own race. 

Until next time,